We live in south-central Pennsylvania at the foot of the blue mountains with our four children. We moved here in 2006 to be closer to family and establish a horse training and lesson facility utilizing the varied experiences we gained from respected horsemen and women across the country.
In June of 2008 we purchased our first Texas Longhorn heifer. Our first goal was to raise a steer out of that heifer and train it to be a riding steer. Well that first calf was a beautifully speckled up little bull calf and he has become a great riding steer! 

We took that first steer to some shows along with another steer we bought and met other longhorn breeders in our area that were very encouraging to us as new breeders. We fell in love with the breed and the people who raise them and slowly our herd began to grow!
Our goal is to raise correct animals that are competitive in horn growth, conformation, color and a good disposition.  

Come visit us at the ranch for a tour or say hello at the next show, sale or event.